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6 Fall Lawn Care Tips

As fall rolls around, your yardwork isn't done. In fact, it's really just getting started. Autumn is one of the best times to care for your lawn, prepping it for the winter and even into next summer. If you want a lush, green lawn come next summer, you have some work to do this fall.

Fall really is the best time to care for your lawn. The weather is cooler, making the work more enjoyable. You might even enjoy spending some time outside in the brisk weather! So lace up your boots, put on a warm coat, and get outside! It's time to do some yardwork.

john deere bagger

1. Clear the Leaves

Nothing causes more problems than leaves! They look beautiful changing colors in the trees, but when the fall onto your lawn, they become a nuisance. If you let leaves accumulate, you're creating a breeding ground for bacteria and rotten grass. Your grass needs to breathe. Investing in a John Deere bagger can save you some serious time raking! Bagging those fallen leaves can keep your lawn alive all year round.

2. Mow Low

After you've bagged most of the leaves, you should mow your lawn for one of the last times. You'll want to set your mower's deck lower than usual - cutting your grass closer to the ground. The shorter your grass is, the better it will survive during the colder months. Any leftover leaves, debris, and snow push the grass down. If it's shorter, there will be less damage when it's time to grow again.

3. Re-Seed

Fall is a good time to lay down some extra seed. You won't get a lot of growth from any new seeds you add to your lawn, but you're laying the foundation for the warmer months. Most grass seeds thrive in the warmth. Adding the seeds in fall lets them settle in and prepare to grow. Re-seeding can help your lawn grow back thicker next spring!

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4. Patch it up

If your lawn has some major bald spots, fall is a great time to patch them. Re-seeding isn't enough if you're trying to fill in barren areas. The weather is more agreeable in the fall - you won't have to deal with the hot sun beating down on fragile seedlings. Also, the seedlings will have more time to really take root, being able to grow stronger when the weather warms up again.

5. Weed your Flowerbeds

You can get rid of those stubborn, reoccurring weeds once and for all in the fall. No one likes pulling weeds. Taking on this chore when the weather is cooler makes it go by much smoother. Also, if you're ok with using pesticides, they tend to be more effective when the weather isn't so hot.

6. Aerate & Fertilize

Aerating your lawn encourages better growth after the winter is over. This allows the roots of your grass to get some extra oxygen, preparing them to go dormant in colder weather. Aerating and fertilizing together is the boost your lawn needs to look fantastic next spring! The fertilizer will be able to reach the roots and new seedlings, proving better nourishment.